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Mechanical Services

Logbook Servicing

When you purchase a new vehicle, the manufacturer provides you with a warranty that covers the costs of mechanical failures. However, the warranty is voided if you do not have your vehicle serviced regularly by a certified mechanic and have the services stamped and recorded in the vehicle's logbook.

Here at McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can provide logbook services for:

  • Petrol passenger vehicles
  • Diesel passenger vehicles
  • Light commercial vehicles

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Vehicle Inspections

Usually, vehicles more than five years old require a safety check before you can renew the registration. Additionally, if you plan to sell or otherwise transfer ownership of a vehicle, a safety check is necessary. A safety check ensures that your vehicle meets the legal minimum safety requirements for driving in NSW.

Because the safety check only ensures that the vehicle meets the bare minimum for safe driving, a vehicle can qualify for a safety certificate and still have a host of mechanical problems. For this reason we recommend that if you're planning to buy a vehicle, you should take it for a pre-purchase inspection to check for any other faults the seller may be unaware of.

Here at McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can perform both safety certificate checks and pre-purchase inspections, so if you need either, get in touch today!


Faults in your steering and suspension not only substantially reduce ride comfort, but also traction, resulting in body lean around corners and play in the steering wheel. 

At McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can provide the following suspension services:

  • Bushing replacement
  • Lift kits
  • Tension bars
  • Shock absorbers and coil springs
  • Sway bars

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If you notice an ominous grinding noise when you change gears, a burning smell coming from under the bonnet, or fluid leaking from the engine bay, then you may have a problem with your transmission.

Here at McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can provide:

  • Clutch repairs and service
  • Automatic and manual transmission repairs and service
  • Slip differential repairs and service

If you have noticed any of the warning signs mentioned, contact us today!

Cooling Systems

Faults in your vehicle's cooling system, whether through overheating or coolant leaks, not only reduce your fuel efficiency, but also your engine's lifespan as it causes damage to the gasket head, pistons and cylinders. If your thermostat is faulty, this could be happening without you even realising.

At McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can help you with all aspects of your cooling system, including:

  • Coolant flush and leak check
  • Head gasket replacement
  • Heater unit repair or replacement
  • Radiator repair or replacement
  • Thermostat check and replacement

If your vehicle is running hot or leaking coolant, get in touch today!

Brake Services

The brakes are the most important safety system your vehicle has. While other safety systems mitigate the damage, your brakes can prevent an accident altogether. Your brakes are vital to the safety of yourself and your passengers, so it's important to look after them.

Here at McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can provide the following brake services:

  • Brake component machining
  • Brake line replacement
  • General brake services

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If your tyre treads are worn they provide immensely reduced grip and traction, which can lead to myriad risks to the safety of you and your passengers as you end up skidding or stopping too slowly in an emergency situation.

At McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can help you with:

  • Major tyre brands for all makes and models
  • Tyre fitting and balancing
  • Any other tyre problems you might have

If your tyres are looking bald, contact us today!

Wheels and Steering

Your steering, suspension, and wheels all work together to provide you with control while driving. Faults in your steering or your wheels leads to a vastly increased risk of skidding or spinning out.

Here at McAlpin & Maurer Automotive we can provide you with:

  • Front-end alignments
  • Power steering repairs
  • Wheel alignments
  • All steering repairs

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Other Services

We offer a wide range of services at McAlpin & Maurer Automotive, including but not limited to:

  • Windscreens repaired or replaced
  • Fuel pumps repaired
  • Fuel injection systems

If you need a service that you haven't seen listed here or on the Auto Electrical Services page, talk to us today!